At Betek Boya ve Kimya Sanayi A.Ş., the manufacturer of insulation materials and construction chemicals, our basic principle is to protect energy sources and hand them down to the next generations while performing our production activities and services.

Within this framework: 

• We promise to ensure a continuous enhancement by determining the purposes and goals for an efficient management,

• To conform to the related legal regulations in effect by determining the energy sizes of our    activities,

• To ensure the use of renewable energy sources within the thermal insulation, paint and construction material production of our company, which is the leader in its industry,

• To design and manufacture our products within the scope of energy efficiency,

• To popularize the use of energy saving machines and equipment by following technological developments closely,

• To ensure the training of our employees on the subject of energy management and productivity and informing our partners,

• To document the Energy Management System, review and maintain its continuity and declare it to the related parties.